Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (8/12/16)

Cupping therapy at the Olympics, how to approach closing a gym location and more. Read More

Building a Treadmill for Serious Runners

Determined to create a treadmill for serious runners, the Cybex Research Institute deconstructed the running process and investigated the shock experienced when running on a treadmill. Read More

Cybex showcases Williams F1 partnership

This month’s Sport Management magazine included a feature on the Cybex Williams Racing gym, wh Read More

Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (8/5/16)

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The Dog Ate My Homework and I Can’t Exercise Because I Have Cancer…

Some people can always find a good excuse to avoid exercise. Read More

Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (7/29/16)

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Build Your Business with Community Events

You’re probably asking, “Does involvement in community events really translate to more business?” Read More

Speed Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (7/22/16)

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Whitewater Rafting Is More Athletic Than You Might Think

Pushing a raft down the river is vigorous work, and you must have a certain amount of strength and athleticism. Read More

Enter the #CybexSummer16 Scenes of Summer Photo Contest

The Cybex Scenes of Summer photo contest hosted by Chris Ryan is live. Enter to win prizes from Cybex, BODYARMOR, and WTRMLN WTR. Read More