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Powerlifting champ talks strength, versatility and Cybex machines

Larry Pacifico

Today's spotlight is on a man who is a renowned personal trainer, user of Cybex equipment, and a legend in his own right, Larry Pacifico.  With a wide smile and easy demeanor, Larry is a natural fit for the social and relationship-building aspects of personal training.  He has 31 years of experience and knows how to get the most from his clients by offering knowledge, expertise and making it fun for them.  However, what many do not know is Larry won 9 consecutive titles at the IPF World Powerlifting Championships and held 64 world records in the sport. 

Arc Trainer Baseline Workout

Incline Steps

Whether you are new to the Arc Trainer, just getting into (or getting back into) a workout routine, or an advanced athlete with a long-standing knowledge of the Arc Trainer, the team at Cybex International is continually developing workouts and challenges featuring this innovative piece of equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. We are always posting new workouts and challenges here, so be sure to check back often!

Arc Trainer Workout: Quick Start Fitness Program

arc workout

Arc Trainer Workout: Quick Start Fitness Program

Try this Cybex Arc Trainer workout designed to help you lose weight, build cardiovascular endurance and improve overall fitness. 

3 Things Fitness Pros Can do to Combat Fitness Myths


“You know what I heard?” 

5 ways to get a bikini body- and they’re not what you think!

Fotolia 54050576 S resized 600

This article, published in April in the Huffington Post, tells women to get a bikini body by simply putting a bikini on their bodies.  They called for real women to post pictures of themselves in their swimming suits to show that beauty, sexiness and beach bodies come in all shapes and sizes.

Exercise Analysis #3: Plié squats

describe the image

Exercise Analysis #3: Plié squats

Working through an injury? See how Cybex may help you.

chelsea.jpg resized 600

Working through an injury? See how Cybex may help you. 

How the Arc Trainer helped John train for the Boston Marathon

John Young

Today marks the 118th running of the Boston Marathon, one of the oldest and most prestigious road racing events.  The stage is set for both the runners and the city of Boston to demonstrate resilience, strength and courage in the face the tragic events that occurred last year.  It goes without saying that it is a very important and historic day for Boston, the sport of marathon running, and also for several of our very own employees who are participating in the race.

Debunking the Myths on Treadmill Training

Cybex Environmental Male 32

Debunking the Myths on Treadmill Training

Strength Redefined: The Importance of Strength Training

Cybex Eagle InfographicCybex is a provider and manufacturer of premium commercial fitness equipment.  Content featured in the Cybex Fitness Blog is meant to inspire healthy living and wellness and should not be taken as medical advice. For medical advice please consult a doctor. 
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