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Hit Your Goals & Enjoy a Reward!


When we set goals it is important to celebrate success. So with any goal you set personally or with your team or in your business always have a reward. This will help maintain the motivation.

Take the reward 3 dimensional whenever possible or at least 1 dimensional.

Have a picture or a display of the reward which will act as a visual reminder of what will be received on successful completion of the goal.

For greater success, have your team contribute to what the goal is. Let them have a say and they will have ‘buy-in.’ This will further enhance your opportunity of success.

You may even like to have what we call ‘affirmations’ or phrases you can read every day to further remind you of your goal.

Both these techniques are used by high achievers. You can be one too by following these basic steps:

  • Have the team buy in to your goals;
  • Write your specific goal down;
  • Give it a deadline or it will be just a dream;
  • Have some statements you can read to remind you of your goal in places you always see;
  • And celebrate success!

This will bring you success – by whatever definition you want to give success!

Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett was a health club manager and owner since 1993 and has seen many people change their life through exercise. He is now a small business consultant sharing tools to profitably run small to medium size business and an international presenter at key fitness conferences around the world. He is also a corporate speaker on ensuring work-life balance with an innovative YENO Wellness Quotient. You can go to his blog or follow him on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt as he strives to lower the health care costs for Australia!



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Posted @ Wednesday, April 16, 2014 3:20 AM by Abeey
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