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What a start.

Posted by Marybeth Fottler

The Fall 2010 Season of the Biggest Loser is now underway.

On the first episode, people from around the country competed in groups of three for a chance to make it to the Ranch.  Some of the groups ran a mile.  Others had to do 500 step-ups.  In every challenge, the fastest two left in a limo headed directly to the Ranch.  Sadly, the last ones to reach the mark went home. 

We were completely torn as we watched.  Given CYBEX’s commitment to breast cancer awareness and our efforts to educate women about the benefits of exercise and fitness in countering the disease, naturally we wanted to pull for Shanna—a working mother of four boys and a breast cancer survivor.  But we couldn’t bring ourselves to root against Jessica—a vivacious twenty-seven year old who has battled obesity for so long she can’t ever remember being the same size as her friends—or Mark—who lost his grandmother, is dealing with his father’s cancer and knows that if he doesn’t beat his weight problem he could die young.  (Given the show’s tendency to bring back contestants after they’ve left, we’re betting we haven’t seen the last of Shanna.)

For all of these incredible people struggling with severe obesity stepping up 500 times or running a mile might as well have been climbing Everest or running an Iron Man.  They all can be very proud.

While these were contests to get on the show, we didn’t see winners and losers; what we saw was enormous courage and determination, from both those who made it to the Ranch and those who didn’t. The Biggest Loser

Watching this made us at CYBEX extremely proud to be the Fitness Partner of The Biggest Loser.

We can’t wait to see the progress that the contestants will make when they have all the advantages of the show’s elite trainers and our premium fitness equipment.

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