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Power Training for Sports Performance and Daily Living

To understand power, we should actually begin with the conceptshutterstock 64747024 resized 600 of force.  Power is generation of rapid force – like recovering from a trip or fall, jumping over an obstacle, throwing or lunging – important both in sports and daily living. The higher power capacity of the CYBEX Bikes and Arc Trainer, coupled with the ease at which someone can achieve that power, produces functional gains that are unachievable on ellipticals or even on treadmills.

Here are some comparisons between strength and power to put it in perspective.

  • Strength is lifting a tennis racket. Power is swinging and stopping it after the swing.
  • Strength is stepping up a stair. Power is taking them two at a time.
  • Strength is lifting an object over your head. Power is tossing a child in the air.
  • Strength is rising from a chair. Power is jumping out of the chair.

What are the advantages of Power Training for athletes and daily living?

Power enables us to do things like jumping…And when we do explosive strength exercises, we can transfer that power to activities like throwing, shooting, or swinging a bat or golf club.

But power isn’t only useful in athletic activities; even basic movements, such as walking and running, require some degree of power. In these, power is needed to push off the ground to move the body forward.  In fact, improving the power of the calf muscles can be really helpful in maintaining even normal movement capacity. It may seem unusual, but even getting out of a chair is facilitated by the application of power.

How does CYBEX make Power Training possible?

describe the imageOn the CYBEX Arc Trainer – The Arc Trainer displays power in watts, which is a combination of resistance and stride rate, as the foot plates move over a fixed distance. By increasing your resistance at a fixed speed, or increasing your speed at a fixed resistance, you increase your power output, at anywhere between 50 and an astounding 900 watts. Pushing yourself on the Arc Trainer is a lot easier than you think, and it can help you to become much more powerful.

On the CYBEX Bike – The CYBEX Bikes are the only bikes thatdescribe the image offer up to 900 watts of resistance, which is outstanding on its own, but CYBEX also gives you options of managing how you apply power to the bike. Power on the bike varies with resistance and speed. In bike mode, the program responds as if you were riding outdoors. The faster you pedal, the harder it gets.  Pedal faster still, and it gets really hard. The Constant Power mode works a little differently. Slow down and resistance increases; speed up, and resistance declines. This mode of use can be a huge value for instructors, trainers and users alike to control minimum or maximum power output, irrespective of cadence used.

Paul M. Juris, Ed.D.
Executive Director, CYBEX Institute for Exercise Science 

describe the image
Dr. Juris earned his Doctorate in Motor Learning from Columbia University in 1993, followed by a variety of positions in higher education, rehabilitative medicine, professional sports, and fitness. Paul Juris, Ed.D. was named Executive Director of the CYBEX Institute for Exercise Science in January of 2007

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Posted by Marybeth Fottler on Feb 18, 2011 3:07:00 PM

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