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Cybex Research Institute's 5 Recommendations for Proper Exercise


Cybex Research Institute

Now that 2012 is here, millions of people will start a new exercise routine or join a gym. And for many it can be a daunting task. For those who do not understand how to get the most out of their gym’s equipment or have challenges maintaining a regular fitness routine, here are some recommendations from the fitness and exercise science experts at Cybex Research Institute. Please Note: if you have a pre-existing medical condition, consult your doctor before beginning an exercise routine).

Fitness Recommendations:

Rule #1 Don’t Be Intimidated by Fitness Machines, Even Those With Lots of Buttons and Lights.

Fitness machines are very good for working muscles and will help you ramp up your metabolism. They can also help establish healthy fitness habits and consistency in an exercise program. Ask a trainer at your gym to explain how to use the programs on the equipment and have them suggest a workout routine to help you.

Rule #2 Maximize Your Time in the Gym by Setting Specific Fitness Goals.

Try to set a goal of getting to the gym 10 to 12 times in a month. Exercising regularly will help you achieve other goals like losing weight and getting stronger. The fitness equipment you use and the way you use it will have dramatic impact on how quickly and effectively you reach your goals. Try to set goals like register for a road race, walk for a cause, or hike a mountain. It will give you something to work toward. If you are using exercise equipment for the first time like a cross trainer, an Arc Trainer, a stationary bike or a treadmill, start slow the first few times out, then gradually increase the resistance level to increase your heart rate. Set a goal for 30 minutes or until you feel fatigued. As you progress, increase the resistance level even further so you can audibly communicate five syllables, “I’m Going to Win.” If you can sing, you probably aren’t exerting yourself.

Rule #3 Monitor Your Heart Rate/Perceived Rate of Exertion.

There are a variety of distinct zones for cardio training. Select the type of training depending on what you want to achieve.

-If your goal is to lose weight, make a commitment to exercise regularly and eventually work your way up to a high intensity interval exercise routine.

-For Strength and Power, use a high intensity workout with short fast bursts and cool downs.

-To run a marathon or plan for a long distance event, focus on a lower heart rate with longer durations.

Rule #4 Don’t Become Too Dependent on Any One Form of Fitness Equipment or a Specific Exercise Routine.

Keep it interesting and mix it up so your body can respond to a variety of routines. Also, know that all fitness and cardiovascular equipment is not designed the same. Some studies have found elliptical machines can actually impose more stress on your joints and make exercise far less comfortable. Incorporate a variety of fitness equipment and exercises into your new routine to stay motivated and avoid boredom.

Rule #5 Weight Training!

As a rule, muscle mass declines with age, with a loss of approximately 8% per year after the age of 25 mass loss starts to become apparent in your 40s and pick up speed after about age 50. Then the typical rate of muscle loss really begins to outpace the rate of muscle gain. Therefore it is important to start with an aerobic fitness routine and then add a basic, progressive strength-training program into your regimen. For weights, try a functional trainer or cable strength training machine. It provides greater core activation and strength gains and there are countless exercise possibilities.

Be safe and have a great workout.

Angela Corcoran

Angela Corcoran

Cybex Research Institute

Director of Education


Posted @ Friday, January 13, 2012 2:25 PM by JOE SCHIMNOWSKI
Dear Joe, 
I applaud your efforts to start a weight loss program and we are happy to help in any way that we can. As with all exercise programs it is important that you are safely cleared to start an exercise program.  
Assuming that you have received medical clearance, weight loss is quite straight forward. It is a simple measure of a negative caloric balance, the more calories you burn in a given period of time the better. The Cybex Arc Trainer is a great place to start as studies suggest that it feels easier at higher heart rates. Put simply because it feels easier most people will do more, yield a greater caloric expenditure and have better weight loss results. 
Weight loss is a balance between calories in and calories burned. There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat and safe, more permanent weight loss happens at a rate of 1 pound – 2 pounds per week. This is important to consider as weight does not come off gradually, it normally comes off in chunks. You may find as your body is changing that one week you lose 5 pounds and the next week you gain one pound. Because of this I recommend that weighing in one time every two weeks - pay more attention to how you feel and how your clothes fit. At the end of each month, if you’re doing things right you should have lost between 4-8 pounds. The more you lose at a time, the more likely it is to come back. 
Diet is also key. If you go to the CDC website, they have some great recommendations on how and what to eat in order to lose and maintain weight: 
In terms of the best program on the Arc, I like the weight loss programs. In any given period of time, they peak your intensity thereby eliciting a greater caloric burn. Remember to enter your weight into the machine and keep your strides per minute consistent. In other words, when the resistance gets harder, try your best not to slow down. There should be less back pain using an Arc, but if anything you do is causing physical pain, you should stop and get checked out by your doctor. 
I hope this information is helpful. Please let me know if you need any other information.
Posted @ Monday, January 23, 2012 3:46 PM by Angela Corcoran
Hi Angela, 
Cardio is any kind of exercise that involves aerobic exercises and improve the strengthen of your heart. Cardio exercises helps in lowering high blood pressure and prevents from depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.
Posted @ Friday, July 26, 2013 2:04 AM by Libertyville Chiropractor
We need a good health of nice and attractive shape. For this, We need proper dieting. Proper dieting is very necessary for the people and for that, they need to take proper foods with required amount. Proper food materials are very necessary for our body and its better growth. Junk foods, fast foods and also other Oily foods are good for our health. These are very responsible for several health problems.
Posted @ Wednesday, November 20, 2013 6:18 AM by Chavez
We have to give importance on our health for which exercise and proper diet is essential. If we will not maintain our health properly we suffers from diseases. We have to keep our weight in normal limit because overweight is the cause of many diseases. We also have to monitor our heart rates regularly because most of the people are suffering from heart problems now. We have to update our health according to our requirements time to time
Posted @ Friday, December 20, 2013 7:36 AM by Michille
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