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Power training with the Bravo

Case study by Cory Hofmann

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Lower extremity power is valuable in a variety of sports and athletic endeavors.  Many existing protocols focus on plyometrics or strength training to increase vertical jump height, a measure of power.  This study sought to quantify the effects of a 10 week training progression involving strength, endurance, and power developing exercises.  A variety of exercises were developed utilizing the Cybex Bravo, Arc Trainer, and Eagle Leg Press, in addition to other equipment such as medicine balls and elastic bands.  As a result of this protocol, 5 physically active individuals saw an average vertical jump increase of 3.9 inches in addition to significant increases in several other measures of lower extremity force production and absorption.  These data suggest that a novel protocol involving progressing focuses and a variety of different exercises was effective at increasing lower extremity power in a physically active population.  Future studies should compare a similar protocol to ones focused on plyometrics.

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Steve Arnold SPT1; Keisuke Kanno DPT, CSCS2; Chip Gosewisch CSCS, CPT2 
Duke University School of Medicine
Doctor of Physical Therapy Division
Durham, NC 
Fischer Physical Therapy and Conditioning
Phoenix, AZ

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