A Treadmill Running Surface Designed Like a Running Shoe

The all-new Cybex R Series features an updated treadmill with the IS4 Intelligent Suspension System. Learn how runners can experience a workout based on premium running shoes and designed to help them stay active.

Cardio Equipment for Student Housing

Students can be some of the most discerning exercisers, with a wide range of needs from their fitness equipment. Learn why the V Series line of cardio was designed with student housing in mind, and what you can do to help students stay healthy and happy. Read More

V Series Cardio: Perfect for Multi-Family Housing

The all-new line of cardio equipment from Cybex, the V Series, was designed and engineered to be the perfect fit for multi-unit residential facilities, such as apartment and condo buildings. A modern aesthetic and a durable design provides an excellent workout for demanding residents. Read More