If The Shoe Fits

Have you ever been to an All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet?  Whether it is an upscale Holiday Brunch Buffet or a more lowbrow affair, human behavior manifests itself similarly.  We have a tendency to try to “get our money’s worth.”  We fill our plates, perhaps multiple times, with a plethora of palatable delicacies.  Even if our bloated bellies protest, there is an underlying urgency to try a few more marvelous morsels.

I remember one Mother’s Day Brunch at a fancy hotel where I consumed enough jumbo shrimps and cocktail sauce to constitute six appetizers.  After washing it down with the “free” champagne (which was unfortunately flat, sweet plonk), I moved on to the pasta primavera and puffed pastry.  Had I been at a regular restaurant ordering a la carte, I would NEVER have eaten so much at one sitting.  After two trips to the tables of tempting delicacies, I would have been quite full.  But my misguided, food-fogged sense of economics propelled me to those tables two more times.

Now, I tend to avoid buffet situations, but on those occasions when I am confronted with behemoth amounts of food, I keep the following analogy in mind:

When you go to a store to buy sneakers, you pay the same price, regardless of the size.  I am a size 7, but if I were to purchase a size 12, I would get more leather for my money.  Now, what good would that “free” leather do me if I stagger around looking like a clown?  My true money’s worth is the size that fits.

So next time you find yourself in a sea of temptation at the next office meeting, brunch buffet, or wing fest at the local bar, remember to tie your sneakers tightly…

Holly Aglialoro
Guest Blogger and Fitness Enthusiast