Machine Monday: Building a solid foundation through leg presses

Activities that use the muscle:

Large lower body muscle groups, the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, are used as we move our bodies, whether it’s during high-intensity sport or weightlifting, or doing everyday chores, such as getting out of a car, picking up our kids, gardening or helping a friend move.

VR3 Leg Press

 Why you should care:

While lower body strength is crucial for all high level athletes and weightlifters, it is important for the rest of us as well for a number of reasons:

  • The stronger we are in our lower bodies, the easier it becomes to perform daily activities we mentioned above.
  • Our lower body muscles allow us to stand and transport ourselves, and provide a valuable foundation for the rest of our body. If we are weak in our lower bodies, some of us may feel this as a back or neck issue.
  • Strength training in general improves bone density, and improves your ability to generate force, which can help you react to challenges to your balance or in your every day environment - all of which are important for our quality of life as we age.

Trainer tip:

Use the VR3 Leg Press if you are looking for a machine that makes it easier for exercisers of all levels to gain the strength they need in their lower bodies.  Your clients may benefit from some of its unique features, including:

  • Maximum force on the key muscle groups but with minimal stress on the involved joints
  • Adjustable back pad and multiple starting positions accommodate different body types, fitness goals and workout routines
  • The large footplate also provides more options for different exercises, as well as the four-bar linkage system to keep it in an optimal position throughout the movement
  • The descending path of motion simulates daily activities that you already do, and provides greater range of motion at the hip and hip extensor involvement
  • Smooth and consistent resistance allowing for a more nature path of motion
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Machine set up:

Watch this video to see a brief overview of how to use the VR3 Leg Press.  

To get more information or to download a brochure on the VR3 Leg Press, or any other piece of equipment in the series, click here.

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