5 Tips to Avoid Falling Off Your Fitness Progress

The leaves are falling. The rain is starting to fall. So does this mean you are falling off your workout routine? This seems to be the time of year when we begin to settle into the colder weather and the holidays and forget about what our bodies are really craving. Our health!

Just when you seem to think you are on the path to a healthier you, and that summer body is looking good, it’s fall! So many excuses come out around this time of year. Have you heard them? Have you said them?

  • It’s too cold outside
  • It’s the holidays, I’ll start next year
  • I have to get my shopping done
  • I’ll stop now and begin again after the holidays

How to not fall off your workout program

When we make excuses for ourselves, they become bigger than what you intended. Once you fall off your routine the hardest part is coming back. As good as your intentions are, the longer you are away from what was your daily path to health and fitness becomes an uphill battle. Here are 5 ways you can stay on track without falling.

  1. Partner up

    Two friends playing football in the fall.

    Find a friend, your significant other or a family member to workout with. This way you can keep each accountable. If one of you doesn’t quite feel up to hitting the gym the other can be you motivation to get you there. You can set a schedule you both agree to that fits into your daily life. You and your workout partner can also alternate what the day’s workout will be so it’s always something different. It’s better to be able to share your successes with someone who understands what you have gone through to get there.

  2. Hire a personal trainer