Arc Trainer Tip: Constant Power vs. Adaptive Power

Photo of an exerciser in a gym using the Cybex R Series Total Body Arc Trainer.

Personal trainers use the Arc Trainer’s Constant Power and Adaptive Power features to transform workouts, making them more intentional, focused, and effective. Both workout modes are used to challenge exercisers to get more from their time on the cross trainers, taking the next stride in their fitness journey.

What is the difference between Constant Power and Adaptive Power?

Adaptive Power on the Arc Trainer will respond to the speed of the exerciser’s stride. Once someone begins striding faster, the resistance will increase to challenge the user. The higher the level chosen, the greater the rate the resistance increases with speed.

The below chart demonstrates how Strides Per Minute (SRP) impact watts:

  • Blue: Level 1
  • Red: Level 10
  • Green: Level 20

Chart about using Adaptive Power on the Cybex Arc Trainer.

Constant Power helps exercisers learn to pace their strides. This is great for people who are training for a marathon or other pace-dependent challenges. Once the power in watts is set, the Arc Trainer resistance will adapt to keep the exerciser at that power. If strides per minute increase it will feel easier, if strides per minute decrease it will feel harder. However, the workload and power will remain the same.

Try the 2 different workout modes

Using the 50L console on the Arc Trainer, navigate to the different power modes:

  1. Select Workouts
  2. Select Power
  3. Select either Constant or Adaptive

Constant Power on the Arc Trainer is a great way to learn pacing with a constant power output, ideal for exercisers training for long-duration endurance like marathons.

Adaptive Power, on the other hand, is a great way to integrate interval training into Arc Trainer workouts. Set a level within Adaptive Power then push at regular intervals, creating a challenging workout based on fitness needs.

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