Active Listening Builds Friends

Have you ever been talking to someone and you can they are not there. They are not present. Who knows where there mind is but it sure isn’t with their body!

I know someone who when you chat to them, they are always looking behind, around even through you at other people. I think to see if there is someone better to chat with!

This is of course is bad for your personal brand. So ensure you are physically present and mentally. Here are some tips to help you stay present and engaged:

  • Face the person speaking. Have your shoulders facing the speaker. You can even lean forward toward the speaker;
  • Keep your body language open;
  • Smile;
  • Nod;
  • And even utter the occasional ‘Yes’ or ‘Uh huh’

Active listening is a key to building long lasting rapport. Be present and be engaged.

Justin Tamsett

Justin Tamsett was a health club manager and owner since 1993 and has seen many people change their life through exercise. He is now a small business consultant sharing tools to profitably run small to medium size business and an international presenter at key fitness conferences around the world. He is also a corporate speaker on ensuring work-life balance with an innovative YENO Wellness Quotient. You can go to his blog or follow him on Twitter @JTActiveMgmt as he strives to lower the health care costs for Australia!


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