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This week’s top picks in fitness, health and wellness news from across the web.  Our editorial staff loves digging for the digital “good-stuff” (ok, we’re obsessed). Get ready to read, and sprint through the hottest topics you need to know. 

Game Over:  Study:  Active Video Games for Kids Fail as Exercise  In the search for fun ways to engage kids in healthy exercise habits, many believed video games where kids were moving, swinging, dancing or doing the tree pose met guidelines for daily exercise.  Six years later, a new study suggests a restart on how we think about our fitness.  The question remains:  what about the kids? (reuters.com) 2/27

Smart Style:  Athlete-Friendly IDs Help You Stay Safe in On-Road Sports  On the road to wellness, road warriors know the risk:  the possibility of an accidental run-in with a vehicle leaving you hurt and unable to communicate with emergency responders.  Should the worst occur, the ActiveID - created by a loving father/son team - speaks for you.  As a stylish bonus: ActiveIDs worn by singles may be the best way to tell potential mates “I’m Active, Fit and Ready to Run”.  (entrepreneur.com) 2/25

Healthy State:  American State Ratings Reveal:  “Surfing, good. Slots, bad.” Annual report on the state of our states’ well being.  While largely unchanged over last year, a few surprises make the mix.  Little shock comes from which state ranks healthiest in the nation.  Hint:  a former resident of the nation’s healthiest state has made a home in the nation’s capital.  For the original published report released on 2/27: Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.  (huffingtonpost.com) 2/28

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