Arm Use and Posture on Cross Trainers Effect Calories Burned

Arm Use and Posture on Cross Trainers Affect Calories Burned

Cross trainers, such as the Cybex Arc Trainer, are a popular exercise choice for individuals looking to lose weight and increase endurance. Many cross trainers provide ‘calories burned’ estimates that tell users about the intensity of their workout. However, this number is an estimate based on the machine’s settings (resistance, incline, speed), and does not take into account how the user is interacting with the device.

A recent study done at the Cybex Research Institute however focused on uncovering exactly how the user’s interaction with the Arc actually affected calorie burn. Researchers analyzed three different ways of using the Arc Trainer:

  1. upright and unsupported on the machine
  2. upright and using the machine’s handles for support
  3. leaning forward in order to anchor their upper body

Which group burned the most calories? The answers might surprise you. Watch the embedded video below or read the study in its entirety.

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