Endless Abilities: A documentary on adaptive sport

Recently, a friend showed me this trailer for a documentary called Endless Abilities about a young man named Zack Bastian and his 3 friends, Harvey, Will and Tripp, who traveled the country to participate in adaptive sports with athletes overcoming disabilities.

The impetus for this road trip was to meet Jesse Billauer, a quadriplegic surfer who pioneered adapting surfing equipment to accommodate disabilities like his.  Jesse was the person who motivated Zack to return to surfing after a dirt bike accident left him paralyzed from the waist down.  What was supposed to be a short inspirational video for people in rehabilitation centers, turned into a full-length documentary about their amazing trip.

Needless to say, we were moved my this video, as well as by the tenacity, spirit and determination of those featured in the movie for not letting their disabilities get in the way of the sports they love.

Because our heritage is rooted in therapeutic health and rehabilitation products, this story hit very close to home for us.  We strive to make top quality fitness equipment that is accessible for everyone, and because of this, our Total Access line of cardio and strength equipment was engineered with adaptive fitness and rehabilitation in mind.

We have recently entered into a partnership with Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Boston, where Zack did his rehab when he was first injured.  Our mission is to create better outcomes by giving the therapists the tools they need to get patients on their way to recovery. 

From all of us at Cybex, we want to say congratulations Zack and team on the success of your film and a job well done.  You are an inspiration to us and to adaptive athletes everywhere. 

For more information on how you can set up a screening of Endless Abilities, or to pre-order it, please click here.


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