Strength and Power Training on the Cybex Arc Trainer

We often get asked on the best way to get a strength or power training workout on the Arc Trainer. Ben Wilde, International Director of Training and Education explains how to properly train for lower body strength and power on the Arc Trainer.  

"If you do any kind of power workout on the Arc Trainer you will achieve a combination of strength and CV benefits (assuming that you train for enough time - target minimum should be 20 minutes). 

You’ll need to work hard against a relatively high resistance and fast (i.e. above 120 strides per minute, ideally above 140). You can use several of the programs to achieve this but I’d suggest the Adaptive Power Program (advanced 2) if you are using a 770 Series Arc Trainer, working to a 1:3 up to a 1:5 work:rest ratio. So you might blast for 15-20 seconds and then recover for 45 seconds – 1 minute 40 seconds. Within those ranges, the shorter the recovery period the greater the CV effect, longer recovery periods will emphasize the strength/power gains.

If you have a 630 or older Arc then the Strength program with 15 seconds of work and 45 seconds of recovery is an ideal option. The key is to really work on the hard sections and to recover on the rest sections. Most people don’t do this, they slow down on the work interval and speed up in the recovery section. This is not the goal of these workouts and seriously reduces the gains.

Finally, this is an intense workout and you should allow sufficient recovery – 2 times per week to start out would be great, and I’d suggest a limit of 3 times per week at this stage even if you are regularly training. You can either do her regular work out or an even easier one in between these sessions to maximize the benefits."

Stay healthy, stay strong!

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Cybex is a provider and manufacturer of premium commercial fitness equipment. Content featured in the Cybex Fitness Blog is meant to inspire healthy living and wellness and should not be taken as medical advice. As always, be sure to consult a physician if you are unsure of your individual exercise readiness or have a pre-existing medical condition. While these programs offer great benefits, there are many considerations that should be weighed before attempting any type of physical activity.

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  • Harley Myler

    4/21/2018 10:03:42 AM |

    Do all the Arc Trainer (full-body) models have the Adaptive Power program?

  • Duncan Lawrence

    4/26/2018 12:28:33 PM |

    Hi Harley,

    The Adaptive Power program is only available on the 770A and 770AT (full-body) Arc Trainers.

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