Cardio Equipment for Student Housing

Students can be the most discerning users of exercise and fitness equipment, with expectations about having equipment available when they need it, where they need it, and with the right workouts and entertainment available. When Cybex was designing and engineering V Series Cardio, we worked with students and student housing managers to better understand their needs, resulting in features and functionality to create a better gym experience.

Learn how the Cybex V Series line of cardio equipment is the best fit for students on the go.

A range of cardio machines for students

All students have different fitness needs and workout preferences, which can be difficult to match when choosing which equipment to purchase for student housing. That's why the V Series cardio line includes all the exercise machines necessary to outfit the cardio side of a student gym:

With a streamlined and sleek design, each product in V Series elevates a student housing gym and pairs well with your strength equipment.

Entertainment that students expect

The life of a student is busy and difficult to juggle: classes, work, sports, clubs, socializing with friends and fitness. When working out, students want the ability to multitask. That’s why Cybex created V Series cardio equipment to allow for optional entertainment options, including a tablet holder and a 15-inch 1080p HD screen.

V Series Cardio entertainment options, including a 15-inch 1080p HD screen and a built-in tablet holder.

Students are able to catch up on their reading, watch a required lecture, or take a minute for themselves and enjoy an entertaining show, all while keeping their fitness top-of-mind. It is these small features that help enable students to stay healthy while remaining focused on their education.

Equipment that works

With the little time that students may have to dedicate to their fitness, it is important that the equipment works and they easily understand how to get moving. V Series cardio features an easy-to-use display designed to allow users to get on the equipment and quickly begin using the exercise machines.

Learn more about the V Series Console.

V Series cardio display for our treadmill, cross trainer and exercise bikes.

The V Series upright and recumbent exercise bikes include rugged crank shafts to allow for long-lasting durability. Convenient seat adjustments and pedal straps allow the equipment to work for exercisers of different needs, perfect for a diverse student population.