Quicker recovery and important athletic gains

We put the Arc Trainer to the test to see if it could live up to the cross-training demands required from a fitness club and their clients. 

Comparing the Arc Trainer®, elliptical, and AMT®.

Cross-Training Challenge

Quicker recovery rates

Research performed at the Fischer Institute of Physical Therapy & Performance substituted high-intensity Arc Trainer intervals for high-intensity running in an ultramarathoner's training program. On a scale of 1-10, the ultramarathoner self-reported their recovery time to be much easier while doing Arc Trainer intervals than high-intensity running.

Recovery on an Arc Trainer versus high intensity intervals

Increased speed and power

AthleteFIT, a training and research facility devoted to improving athletic performance, introduced Arc Trainer power training to the regimens of two very different athletes:

  • An elite female high-school soccer player.

    Within eight weeks, she saw gains of 25 pounds in her max back squat weight and over a half-mile-per-hour speed increase.
  • A 25-year-old male recreational athlete.

    During a similar period of time, he three-inch increase in his vertical jump and shaved time off both his 40-yard dash and mile measurements.

The Ultimate Fitness Test evaluates the top five factors for making an informed purchase decision when comparing cross trainers, specifically the Arc Trainer®, elliptical, and the AMT®By the end of the white paper, you'll know how the leading options stack up side by side, and you'll have the facts you need to make the best purchase decision for your fitness center.

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