Look beyond the marketing & hype when buying a cross trainer

With all the different products and competing claims, choosing a non-impact cardio trainer can turn into one long, dizzying exercise. It doesn't have to be. For a category that represents over 25% of all fitness equipment purchases, its surprising that there's never been a straightforward, systematic method for evaluating your options. Until now.

The Ultimate Fitness Test evaluates the top five factors for making an informed purchase decision when comparing cross trainers, specifically the Arc Trainer®, elliptical, and the AMT®.

Comparing the Arc Trainer®, elliptical, and AMT®.

What is real & what is marketing?

Beyond the fitness hype

Flip through any trade publication and you'll be barraged with equipment ads promising everything from bulging biceps to a 20-inch waistline. How can you tell which claims are grounded in fact? To help you determine if a manufacturer's claims are based on science or marketing, consider these three items.

  • Demand to see the evidence behind the advertising

    You'll not only get to the truth about the product, you'll also learn a lot about the substance of the manufacturer.

  • Look into the company's background

    In the case of Cybex, you'll find a company whose heritage is rooted in sports medicine and rehabilitation. Those are fields where scientific evidence is a requisite for purchase consideration, and where the bars for quality, precision, safety, and effectiveness are set exceptionally high.

  • Find out how - and why - new products are developed

    Some manufacturers may be focused on reacting to the latest fad. Others may take a relatively simplistic approach to solving a problem. Cybex, on the other hand, starts with the goal of helping the human body work better, and follows a rigorous, science-based approach to developing innovations.

Cut through the confusion 

The Ultimate Fitness Test is designed to provide factual information to cut through the confusion. Download the piece now and read about the other four factors designed to help you make an informed decision.

By the end of the white paper, you'll know how the leading options stack up side by side, and you'll have the facts you need to make the best purchase decision for your fitness center.

Download the Ultimate Fitness Test


Cybex is a provider and manufacturer of premium commercial fitness equipment. Content featured in the Cybex Fitness Blog is meant to inspire healthy living and wellness and should not be taken as medical advice. As always, be sure to consult a physician if you are unsure of your individual exercise readiness or have a pre-existing medical condition. While these programs offer great benefits, there are many considerations that should be weighed before attempting any type of physical activity.

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