Cybex Care: Check Arc Trainer Functions

For #ARCtober, we're focused on maintaining your Arc Trainer today.

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Checking Arc Trainer functions

 As part of your weekly maintenance routine, you'll want to check the Arc Trainer functions and stability. This process will take about five minutes and will require you to have a 9/16" open-end wrench on hand.

Arc Trainer stability

  • Start by holding the hand rails, step onto the foot plates of the Arc Trainer and begin striding. Confirm the unit is stable.
  • If not, use the wrench to adjust the leveling feet up or down. Tighten the lock nut to secure the feet in place.

Testing quick start and function keys

  • Press the quick start key and check for noise while striding (knocking, squeeking, or other noise) and if you experience any, report issues to Cybex service.
  • Next, press the resistance key + button three times, wait for the window to change, and then press the - button three times, watching the window change with each press.
  • Repeat the above exercise with the incline + and - keys, monitoring the window for proper level changes.
  • Finally, press the Stop key three times, testing the left, center, and right portions of the button.

For visual demonstration of these tasks, please view the video below: 

Cybex Service is here to help

If you have questions about any of our service videos, or need further information about your Cybex equipment, call our Service team at +1.508.533.4300 or visit our Cybex Support website.

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