Cybex Care: prevent Exercise Bike Rust

Reduce downtime. Manage equipment usage. Cybex Care, our new web-based asset management system, offers maintenance guidance, task tracking, insight into cardio machine usage, and a method for submitting and monitoring service cases. As part of Cybex Care, we've created a series of maintenance videos to help you care for your equipment. This week, we show you how to prevent rust from appearing on your exercise bikes.

Cybex Care

Prevent exercise bike Rust

This is a weekly task that will take about three minutes to complete. You will need a spray bottle with a mild cleaning agent and a clean cloth to perform the task. Spray the cleaning agent onto the cloth and wipe the sweat collection areas of the bike to remove salt, oils, and residue.

Clean the frame joints and console support to further protect your equipment. The below video will help demonstrate the proper technique to maintain the exercise bike. 


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