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Bravo Lateral Shuffle

Bravo Lateral Shuffle

The Bravo lateral shuffle is an exercise that can be used for all populations (from aging to athletic) and challenges balance and stability. This targets the muscles of the legs and hips.

  1. Using one side of the BRAVO weight stack, set the cable at waist height.
  2. Secure the waist belt attachment at the top of the hips.
  3. Squat into an athletic position.
  4. Pick a point on the floor to move to about 4 feet away.
  5. Explode to that point in two side-steps.
  6. On the return, maintain control and stop in a squat position.

Use Bravo lateral shuffles in our workout designed to prepare you for power training.


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  • Frank Lawrence

    11/11/2016 9:56:14 AM |

    Do you have any ideas for developing better balance

  • Team Cybex

    11/16/2016 1:20:28 PM |

    @Frank Lawrence

    Hi Frank,

    That's a great question - balance is an integral part of wellness and fitness. On our main website,, we have a whole page within the Cybex Research Institute section dedicated to understanding and improving balance. You can find it here:

    We hope that's helpful! Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    -Team Cybex

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