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Learn to build your glutes and bottom on the Arc Trainer.


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Jump Squats

Jump squats using the Bravo All-in-One Functional Trainer are great for developing leg strength and power. This exercise focuses on muscles of the lower back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves. It is an advanced movement which would be specially geared toward athletes, as it will increase explosion and acceleration capabilities.

  1. Set both pulleys on the Bravo low and to the inside.
  2. Grasp one handle in each hand while standing upright.
  3. Focus on a point in space down and behind you, and lower your behind to that point.
  4. Push down into the ball of your foot and try to explosively leave the ground.

Using the Bravo is a good alternative to loading heavy dumbbells or barbells when performing jump squats.

Use jump squats in our workout to prepare for power training.



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