Interview with a Personal Trainer: Caris Bowen

We are excited to share an interview with Caris Bowen, a personal trainer from Llanelli, Wales. She has a passion for helping other women find strength in mind and body through weightlifting.

How long have you been working in fitness?

My love for fitness first began four years ago whilst fighting cancer at the age of 21. On my lowest day during treatment I decided to get my trainers on and go for a walk. I didn't get very far on that day but it gave me the fight to want to walk that much further each time and before I knew it I was cured and I signed up to my first gym membership. It was frightening at first, but with researching training plans and learning day-by-day I found a love for fitness through weight lifting.

Photo from Caris Bowen's Instagram account.

What draws you to fitness?

Fitness and weight lifting reminds me of my strength on a daily basis. My life experiences, both good and bad, have moulded me in to the person I am today. I help people reach their body goals and improve self confidence. I believe that fitness brings nothing but positive experiences to a personals life. As they say: look good, feel good.

How do you stay motivated in your own fitness?

Fighting an illness at a young age taught me how precious life can be and how health and fitness is crucial in one's life. I strive to be an inspiration to others and remind people why it is so important to look after your body.

My daily motivation comes from within. Seeing my physique improve over the years is extremely rewarding and I am constantly creating new goals.

Do you develop your own fitness programs or collaborate with others?

Back when I began my fitness journey I would spend hours researching training plans on the internet, both before my workout and during my spare time. I had an image in my mind of how I wanted my physique to look, but after a few months of weight lifting the image in my mind combined with my natural strength and I knew I would progress and reach my goals.