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The Cybex Digital Marketing Suite provides tools and resources for gym owners, program directors and marketing managers to promote their facility and equipment with ready-to-post social media templates, photos, video, blogs, and more. Whether it is a new Arc Trainer or a workout program, the Digital Marketing Suite provides you with multiple ways to get the message out to your members.

Prestige Strength VRS

Prepare for Prestige Strength

The Prestige Strength line, which debuted this March at IHRSA, is now shipping to customers around the globe. As this new line of equipment begins to enter fitness facilities, we have begun putting together the tools and marketing materials to help gym owners market their new equipment to their members.

How to use images of Prestige Strength

You can use images of Prestige Strength VRS in many ways, including on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Weekly newsletter

    Include an image of the Prestige Strength Leg Press in your weekly newsletter to your members, along with a short write-up about the benefits of your investment. Members like to know that you have their best intentions in mind.

  • Blog

    Post a blog to your website, creating fresh content for your visitors, and talk about your new equipment that is being delivered soon. You may even want to talk about any downtime that there might be in certain areas as the equipment is set-up.

  • Flyers and signage

    Utilize the imagery to create flyers, posters, and more to showcase the new equipment to your members. You can mail the flyers out to members, enticing them to come in and see the new line, quite possibly at an Open House or unveiling event.

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Besides images of Prestige Strength VRS, the Cybex Digital Marketing Suite has lifestyle photos, videos, Expert Tips, and workouts that you can easily share.


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