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Exercise Hormone Sheds Fat, 'Helps People Stay Slender'
According to a new study, exercise releases a hormone in the body that not only helps shed fat but prevents it from forming. – Medical News Today

Mindbody, Under Armour Partner To Deliver Fitness Classes Nationwide
The free MyFitnessPal mobile app now seamlessly integrates with Mindbody so users may find, book and pay for workout classes without leaving the app. –Sport Techie

This Is Probably the Least You’ll Weigh All Year. Sorry.
You might as well go ahead and eat that cake, according to a study by Cornell University. – The New York Times

Hotels Join Forces with Popular Fitness Brands
From partnerships with local studios to bringing popular workouts on-property, hotels are jumping on the fitness bandwagon. – USA Today

Why Strong Glutes Are Key to Your Golf Swing
Knowing how to use the glutes will help your clients increase their stability, rotation, speed and power. – ACE Fitness Blog

Video: What is a Watt?
What is a "watt" exactly and how can it help you increase calorie burn on the Arc Trainer? – Cybex Blog

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  • karolina

    8/22/2017 5:35:05 AM |

    is it possible to adjust the trainer so that legs and arms move in opposite directions, in a way like we walk ?? thanks

  • Duncan Lawrence

    9/21/2017 8:41:33 AM |

    Hi Karolina,

    We designed the Arc Trainer to use ipsilateral movement to allow for a more powerful, natural approach. It can feel awkward at the beginning, but once you gain confidence in the movement you will be able to challenge yourself more effectively with the same-side-forward pull.

    We have some more details here: blog.cybexintl.com/.../bid45568Benefits-of-Arc-Trainer-Handle-Positions

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