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How Much Exercise Is Optimal for Heart Health?

Despite the well-publicized health benefits of exercise, most Americans are not physically active on a daily basis. In part, this may be due to fact that many mistakenly believe exercise requires intense exertion and sweat. – Harvard Health Publications


Why You’re Hearing About Listeria Way More Often


From Chipotle’s E. coli outbreaks to the listeria contamination in Dole salads, it seems that foodborne illnesses are occurring more frequently than ever. However, hearing more about outbreaks may mean our food supply is becoming more safe, not less. – TIME


What Your Workout Says About You

An Atlanta-based analytics company believes they have insight into your spending habits based on your workout; gym-goers spend on junk food, CrossFit fans splurge on workout clothes and spin class regulars travel. While this may not exactly be the case, it’s an interesting read. – The Wall Street Journal


This Is Your Brain on Exercise

According to a recent study from UC Davis Health System, vigorous exercise boosts critical neurotransmitters in the brain and may help treat depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions. – Science Daily


How Much Does Sunlight Slow You Down?

When the weather heats up and you take your runs outdoors, it’s common knowledge that temperature and humidity can slow you down – but don’t forget about solar radiation. – Runner’s World


Keep Running: Your Treadmill Durability and Reliability Questions, Answered

When purchasing new treadmills for your facility, don’t overlook durability and reliability. All treadmills are not created equal, and these are key factors in choosing models that will deliver ROI and take your business further. – Cybex Blog


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