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How Short Bursts of High-Intensity Exercise Could Keep You (Relatively) Fit

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is the perfect solution for those who cite "lack of time" as a primary reason for skipping workouts – though a shorter time period does come at the cost of more intense exercise. – The Washington Post


Lazy Weekends May Boost Body Fat, Study Shows


According to recent research, playing couch potato on the weekends may be even worse for your weight than working at a desk all week. – HealthDay


What’s the Best Time of Day to Exercise? The Fitness Pros Weigh In

Are you a devoted 5:00 a.m. runner, a regular 2:00 p.m. doubles player or a 7:00 p.m. yoga fanatic? Experts discuss the pros and cons of working out at different times during the day. – Vogue


Let Your Boss Track Your Fitness, Get an Apple Watch

Some companies and insurers are rewarding employees with discounted electronics and gift cards for wearing a fitness device to their track steps, heart rate and more. – ABC News


CrossFit for Kids? Experts Weigh the Benefits and Risks

According to the experts, a pared-down version is a good way to get kids active, but they must be able to listen to and follow instructions to safely participate. – LiveScience


5 Tips to Not Give Up Exercise While Traveling

With new locales and tempting cuisines, it’s easy to let healthy habits fall by the wayside while traveling. We have you covered with five easy tips. – Cybex Blog


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