Total Body, High Intensity Cardio Workout

Regardless of skill level, the Cybex Workout Center currently provides programming designed to help you reach four common fitness goals. Over the last few weeks, we have shared weight loss workouts, and today we finish the series with the fourth installment and give you a challenging total body workout.


Total Body, High Intensity Workout

This program is meant to create a total body, high intensity cardio workout. Use the warm-up to build up to a challenging resistance, and then attack the circuit with moderate resistance. Continue to challenge your strength in a sustainable "30 seconds on/30 seconds off" format.

Total Body High Intensity Cardio Workout from the Cybex Workout Center

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Train to Maintain

This is the fourth and final installment of the current progression in the weight-loss category. With that in mind, remember that this will be the most difficult of the workouts and you should feel confident in your mastery of the movements from the previous workouts at the lower levels. Once you are ready, this workout will ratchet up the intensity and give you a full body program!

  • Equipment: Cybex Arc Trainer, Cybex Eagle NX Line (Leg Press, Chest Press, Row, Abdominal, Torso Rotation), Dumbbells
  • Time: Approximately 30-45 minutes

Take note of the resistance levels during your warm-up on the Arc Trainer and use them to determine comfortable yet challenging levels to create an aggressive finish to this workout. For interactive demos and more information on the workout, view it in the Cybex Workout Center


Cybex is a provider and manufacturer of premium commercial fitness equipment. Content featured in the Cybex Fitness Blog is meant to inspire healthy living and wellness and should not be taken as medical advice. As always, be sure to consult a physician if you are unsure of your individual exercise readiness or have a pre-existing medical condition. While these programs offer great benefits, there are many considerations that should be weighed before attempting any type of physical activity.

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    Great workout

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