A Treadmill Running Surface Designed Like a Running Shoe

Photo of a group of exercisers at a gym running on Cybex R Series treadmills, featuring IS4 Intelligent Suspension.

Innovation in cardio equipment isn’t relegated to consoles or digital technology. Improvements in basic function and performance are still essential.

Updated Intelligent Suspension System

The Cybex R Series treadmill features IS4, the updated version of Cybex’s patented Intelligent Suspension System. It is cleverly designed to match the mechanics of running and reduce the impact to the runner. The IS4 deck is soft at landing, firm in the middle, and rigid for takeoff.

“IS4 is the next generation of IS3, taking the same concept but improving it based on real-life usage. We expanded the sweet spot on IS4. Now users get the same shock absorption over a larger area at the front of the deck, while still offering the same progression from soft to firm to rigid. Thus, we get the same feel that runners have come to know and love from Cybex treadmills. Now we can accommodate more users with different running styles and landing positions."

--Cory Hofmann, Cybex Research Institute

Designed like a premium running shoe

The running deck of the R Series treadmill is similar to a premium running shoe: soft in the heel for shock absorption and firm in the midsole and toe to maintain normal running mechanics. The treadmill deck is soft in the area where a runner’s feet land and more rigid in the back where the runner pushes off to begin another stride.

Photo of a man exercising on a Cybex R Series treadmill in at the gym for a cardio workout.

Learning from exerciser data to improve the treadmill deck

To make these improvements to the Intelligent Suspension System, the team at Cybex employed exerciser data to change the dynamics of the treadmill deck. The softer landing zone was expanded and the transition to the firm portion of the deck was made to be more gradual. Exercisers experience a softer landing and a firmer push-off on IS4 compared to IS3. And, if desired, users can shift their running location forward or back to fine tune the running surface to the best feel for them. For example: run slightly forward for a softer surface, or run farther back for a firmer surface.

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