V Series Cardio: Designed for the exerciser

Exerciser on a Cybex treadmill, getting a workout within a gym.

To design the V Series cardio equipment, Cybex product and engineering teams working directly with the people who would be using the equipment: hotel guests and multi-unit residential residents. Through those discussions, we learned about what this specific user group needs most: easy-to-understand equipment that they can get on and use.

V Series Cardio equipment in a hotel gym or multi-residential building gym.

For hotels, this is particularly important. No two hotel gyms are the same, and hotel guests need to be able to easily navigate the gym, find the equipment they want, and get the workout they need. Our goal with the V Series cardio equipment was to remove as many barriers as possible while improving the features that users demand.

Intuitive displays with built-in workouts

All V Series cardio equipment come standard with our intuitive display. Users can quickly select their workout intensity and begin exercising.