Williams Racing crowned winners of 2016 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award

The Williams Racing pit crew have been awarded the 2016 DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award, following an impressive season which saw the 21-person team secure the fastest pit stops in 14 out of 21 races in the 2016 F1 season.

The award was established in 2015 to recognise outstanding teamwork and performance from the pit crews, whose job is critical to the drivers’ success on the track.

“Being a member of a Formula One pitcrew is a high pressured, fast-paced, skilled role that can be very rewarding but requires a great level of commitment and physical preparation,” explains Gemma Fisher, Human Performance Specialist at Williams Racing.

“This work begins way ahead of the start of the season with a thorough fitness assessment, where we look at everything from flexibility to upper body strength and reaction time. The fantastic variety of cardiovascular equipment we have in our state-of-the-art Williams Cybex Gym at our headquarters in Grove enables me to obtain important information about an individual’s current level of fitness and allows me to identify specific aspects of their training to focus on.”

The Williams Cybex Gym is equipped with premium cardio equipment from Cybex’s 700 series; this includes treadmills, total body Arc Trainers, recumbent and upright bikes plus the new SPARC Trainer.

And it’s the work that the team puts in at the gym that can make all the difference on race day: “To ensure that the crew can complete successful pit stops in split seconds under pressure, hours of practice is required to fine tune the skills required. This includes job role-specific training using the range of strength and functional equipment we have at our facility,” added Gemma Fisher.

“The adaptive mechanisms and well-researched design of the Cybex kit is able to meet our unique training requirements, enabling us to work on all components of fitness including explosive strength, speed and accuracy.”

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