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Making the most of CYBEX’s online resources

Posted by Jonathan Wilson on Tue, Nov 06, 2012 @ 07:11 AM


Not only one of the industry’s foremost manufacturers of premium exercise equipment, CYBEX International leads the way in education, training and support through its Research Institute.

Investigating both existing products and future concepts to ensure designs are optimised, the CYBEX Research Institute offers users a wealth of knowledge and industry experience via the CYBEX website, not only in relation to CYBEX equipment but also to teach and advise on many topical issues in the fitness industry.

Visit the CYBEX website where you can find out more about the following…

CYBEX Fitness Tools

From fitness articles to workout routines, training tips and workout calculators, CYBEX’s online resource of fitness tools ensures users can maximise the potential of every workout. Detailed product FAQ’s are also available on the CYBEX website, answering any questions users may have relating to CYBEX’s cardio and strength equipment.

My CYBEX Coach

My CYBEX Coach is your digital companion for CYBEX strength and cardio equipment. With an expansive, user-friendly database of instructional videos and equipment walkthroughs, My Coach will guide you towards confidently reaching your fitness goals. Access it anywhere on your phone, computer, and tablet.


With over 100 videos available to view and download, CYBEX TV supports workouts for users of all fitness and training abilities. From getting started on the Bravo Functional Trainer, to understanding what makes the CYBEX Arc Trainer so unique, every video has been researched, designed and produced by the CYBEX Research Institute.


CYBEX’s Truth on Fitness newsletter examines a variety of fitness topics, presenting credible basic science and evidence-based conclusions to help readers when making decisions about their own fitness methods and practices. Last month, Dr. Paul Juris discussed a topical issue in strength training, that is, must strength exercises be specific to be effective? The latest CYBEX workout Apps were also previewed, providing users with another means of support in their training programmes.

Making the most of CYBEX’s online resources

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