Why Use the Leg Press in the Gym?

eagle-nx-leg-press-2Consider this question; why do you use the leg press machine in the gym?

There are, of course, a whole host of reasons, but somewhere in your list is likely to be, to work/tone/target the Glutes (Gluteus Maximus). That is one of the reasons why we love squats, right? We all know that after a great workout including squats we really sense that our Glutes did their fair share.

The reason for this is that during squats, when done properly, the line of force creates balanced workloads between the muscles at the knee (the Quadriceps) and the muscles at the hip (the Glutes).  Leg presses might accomplish this too, but not all leg press machines are created equal – some are even designed in a way that takes the load off of the hip, and as a result, deactivates the glutes.  This means that your “Leg Press” is actually a predominantly Quadriceps exercise.

Going back to our earlier reason for performing this exercise - namely working the Glutes - in some instances this will not be achieved. Needless to say, we’ve figured this out at Cybex so any of our leg press machines will really target the Glutes. But if you’re using another Leg Press, and not feeling your glutes, consider switching machines or going back to the traditional squat.

Ben Wilde
Vice President, International Training

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  • Michael Wachowski

    7/11/2016 11:57:12 AM |

    I'm recuperating from a leg injury. should I be using a leg press to get back into shape?

  • Duncan Lawrence

    7/11/2016 11:59:01 AM |

    If you're recovering from any kind of injury, we always recommend that you first work with a medical professional to determine the best course of action. Everyone has very different bodies (and injuries), so it's important that you work one-on-one with someone who can take everything into account. Your doctor or other medical professional should be able to help.

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