CYBEX launches Arc Trainer promotion

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CYBEX can today announce an exciting new Arc Trainer promotion, exclusive to the UK. For a limited time only, CYBEX will be providing customers with the opportunity to purchase the 750AT Total Body Arc Trainer at the discounted price of just £3895 + VAT including delivery and installation, saving over 60% from the RRP of £5900.

As one of the industry’s leading non-ellipticals, the Arc Trainer trains for power, endurance, cardio and weight loss. Scientifically proven to burn more calories than rival pieces of equipment, the Arc Trainer’s unique design is responsible for offering users an exciting new way to work specific muscle groups, whilst avoiding strain on joints that can suffer when using other types of exercise machines.

The non-elliptical movement prevents excess pressure being exerted on the hips, back and knees, as the Arc focuses on engaging with the right muscles - the glutes, hamstrings and quads - to enhance effective calorie burn.

As part of the promotion, with every Arc Trainer purchased, CYBEX is offering a free iPod Shuffle which will be loaded with CYBEX’s Arc Trainer Audio Coach.

Aimed at supporting users of the Arc, the Audio Coach will guide individuals through a tour of the Arc and its functions, whilst also providing a set of three programs, each one focusing on keeping the user motivated and energized, whilst helping to deliver fantastic results safely and efficiently.

CYBEX is also offering discounted rates on the leasing of Arc Trainers, with prices starting from just £83 per month.

For more information on how you can take advantage of this offer, please visit or email CYBEX using

Further information on the Arc Trainer can be found at


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