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Success in the fitness industry is built on delivering continuous change to our customers. Whether they are looking for strength gains, health improvements, weight loss or better nutritional choices, clients depend on our teams for new and exciting strategies to get and remain fit.

Staying on the cutting edge doesn’t just happen automatically; companies must commit to capturing innovation as a part of their comprehensive business plan. The search for new programs, equipment and services must be accompanied by a constant review of current practices to keep your business innovative. By embracing change, managing ideas and rewarding creativity, you can help foster innovation with your team and ensure its sustainability moving forward.

Embrace Change

  • Encourage all team members to be disruptive business thinkers and problem solvers.
  • Create a company vision to deliver innovative programming and services, then empower your team to channel their energy towards this vision and enhance the business.
  • Accept every suggestion for improvement with enthusiasm and consider its value to the overall business.
  • Create a culture of collaboration – it will support change. Remember, just like you teach your clients, even small changes can lead to big results for your business.

Manage Ideas

  • Develop a system to capture and implement innovative ideas – to create the best possible business.
  • As part of your business systems, create an annual innovation plan and review the plan with your team in monthly meetings.
  • Use quarterly meetings for different departments to gather input from clients, team members, and industry suppliers to share with management.
  • Provide everyone on your team a voice in creating next level business decisions – the collaboration will make implementation less challenging, as everyone is invested in the company’s success.

Reward Creativity

  • Remember that everyone loves to be recognized for their contributions to company success and provide incentives for creativity.
  • Incentives will improve team member engagement, which directly influences the bottom line – and the continual commitment to innovation.
  • Acknowledge great ideas in writing or verbally in front of peers, so that team members feel valued.
  • Use cash incentives or gift certificates to reward creative solutions. Take it a step further and provide VIP perks like a day off, massage or complementary lunch with friends to keep the ideas and motivation flowing.

In today’s competitive landscape, the real value in the fitness industry is in the development and management of talent and ideas. A culture of collaboration is critical to sustaining innovation and to building long term business success. Utilizing these tools will help you build a sustainable team and business.

Janice Hutton Janice Hutton
With deep and diverse expertise in the fitness and sport conditioning education industry, combined with practical experience as a coach, trainer, instructor, presenter and manager, Janice has unique perspectives on future trends and business demands. Always passionate about collaborating and sharing ideas with industry professionals, connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn or by commenting below.


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