Build Size & Strength in Your Shoulders

Use this workout to help strengthen and build size in your shoulders. By utilizing the versatile Bravo All-in-One Functional Trainer, Eagle NX Shoulder Press, and dumbbells, you will be able to push yourself toward the results you're working for.

Strengthen Your Shoulders

Bravo Lateral Shoulder Raise Exercise

This four-block workout is designd to help you build strength and size in your shoulders. Before starting this workout, consider first working through our starter workout for strength training and strengthening your core. This workout builds on the strides you have already established for movement confidence and strength, allowing you to do more, successfully.

Please note that because these exercises are designed to help build size and strength, the last set of each exercise should be done until you are no longer able to perform the proper technique (which should be around 8 to 12 repetitions). If you find yourself doing more, increase weight. If you're unable to get to 8, decrease the weight being used.

Workout Setup


Bravo Functional Trainer, Eagle NX Shoulder Press, dumbbells

Total Time

Approximately 30-45 minutes

Workout to build size and strengthen your shoulders.

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