Member Retention Mistake #6: Missing the Personal Training Boat

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A lot of factors can contribute to strong member retention like making friends, making progress towards goals and visit frequency. Feeling healthier, happier, fitter and more energetic is no exception either. Well there’s one sparkplug in the world of fitness that fires up all those factors…personal training.

Can Personal Training Prevent Cancellations?

It’s a proven fact. Regular personal training (PT) is associated with a 30% reduction in the risk of cancelling. And it’s estimated that if you could just get all your members to buy four or more PT sessions in a 12-week period, 29% of cancellations would be avoided.

Those are impressive statistics. But here’s the real shocker: according to the IHRSA, only 5.7% of all health and fitness facility members engage in more than 10 personal training sessions per year.

How do you make the most of it? Well, the challenge is to persuade a much higher percentage of your members to make a habit of PT. And in every industry, from food to pharmaceuticals, one classic strategy for moving consumers from bystanders to habitual users is trial marketing.

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