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Workout Wednesday: More fun with the Arc Trainer

What you need for the workout

Today, we are kicking off “Arc-tober” with this longer cardio workout that is sure to build speed and endurance. This is a great workout for anyone, as you are able to scale it to your ability level using the guidelines below. This workout is also especially effective for runners who want to do hill training and improve speed at the same time.

Machine Monday: VR3 Hip Adduction - Focusing on total leg strength

vr3 hip adduction resized 600

Activities that use this muscle

Hip adductor muscles are located in your inner thigh and stretch from your knee to the bottom of your pelvis. They are responsible for moving your leg inward toward the middle of your body and contribute to stabilizing our joints during any type of lateral movement. In sports, we use our hip adductors when kicking a soccer ball with the side of our foot, tackling a football player to the ground or riding a horse. They are also used in situations where we need to change direction while walking or running.

Workout Wednesday: Rev up your intensity with Tabata-style routine

describe the image

Today, we are highlighting an intermediate to advanced-level Arc Trainer workout that is sure to kick your fitness level up a notch. We will be doing a form of tabata, which is a great way to burn calories and improve your level of fitness quickly.

Triceps Presses: Because biceps shouldn’t get all the credit

VR3 Tricep Press

Don't forget about your triceps - you use them more often than you may realize. They not only have functional importance, but also help to sculpt the arm.

Endless Abilities: A documentary on adaptive sport


Recently, a friend showed me this trailer for a documentary called Endless Abilities about a young man named Zack Bastian and his 3 friends, Harvey, Will and Tripp, who traveled the country to participate in adaptive sports with athletes overcoming disabilities.

Workout Wednesday: An introduction to strength training

Cybex equipment needed for this workout

You know that strength training is important for many things - like maintaining muscle mass and bone density, improving body mechanics, increasing stamina, and helping us to more easily fight off infection, just to name a few.

How to Motivate Your Clients to Work Out (Even When They Don't Want To)

Be Kind

In an early morning social media check, I saw that a friend had shared this particular image and quote, which resonated for me around this topic:

Training for Your First Distance Race

Distance running

With fall approaching, many are setting their sights on cooler weather and deciding to tackle their first distance race. ‘Distance Race’ is of course a relative term, so let’s count anything 10K up to the marathon. The best way to prepare for this kind of race is to run more. Simply put: some combination of running faster and farther.

5 tunes (and workouts) that make you move your feet

Eagle Workout

In a recent blog by Susan Sotir, we talked about how music makes your workouts easier, helps you go faster, improves your endurance and helps you get ready for your event. Much like pairing wine and food, we think that certain workouts and songs are a match made in heaven. Here are a few of our favorite musical and workout pairings, why we love them, and when we like to listen to them. Maybe you will want to add them to your playlist too:

Pop quiz: Arc Trainer arm position

Arc Trainer positions

The Question:

Can exercisers lose even more weight on the Arc Trainer simply by changing their arm position?

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