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Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Seven ways To Motivate Your Workout

Pumping Iron In Posh Surroundings

The Benefits of Treadmill Training

The Arc Trainer Difference

Shaping Your Glutes With The Arc Trainer

Cybex Care: Prevent Arc Trainer Rust

High Intensity Interval Training on the Arc Trainer

Cybex Care: Check Arc Trainer Functions

Arc vs. Elliptical: Revisiting why Arc Trainer Wins

General Fitness with the Arc Trainer

Cybex Care: Maintain Arc Trainer Heart Rate Grips

Welcome To #ARCtober

Part II: Failure As Motivation

Cybex Care: prevent Exercise Bike Rust

Failure As Motivation

Five Reasons To Try Group Training

Cybex Care: Inspect Treadmill Power cords

TD's Top 41 Tips for Success In The Fitness Field

Hike Confidently With Strength Training

Cybex Care: How To move Treadmills

Scenes of Summer 2015 Winners

Perform on the court with Cybex Strength Training

Amp Up Your Training Zones With SPARC

Be True To You

Cybex Care: How To Clean The Treadmill Console

Eagle NX Arm Extension: new thinking in Triceps training

Cybex Care: Clean the Arc Trainer Console

Prepare For Prestige

Non-impact cardio workouts are not created equal

Hard work pays off

Share Workouts With Your Members

Quicker recovery and important athletic gains

Equipment Tip: What is constant power?

Client Retention: Understanding Your Members, Pt. 2

Client Retention: Understanding your membership

Internal Rotation on the Bravo Functional Trainer

Total Body Arc Trainer Workout

Biomechanics: Baseball's New Moneyball?

Getting Started Series: Baseline Aerobic Resistance On The Arc Trainer

Run better, longer & stronger

Burn Calories with Summer Activities

Look beyond the marketing & hype when buying a cross trainer

Beware: those 6-pack abs may come at a cost.

Promote Your New Arc Trainer To Your Clients

Power training with speed

Act Like a Kid Part 6 of 6: Hula Hooping

Active Aging Seniors & How to Reach Them in Your Facility

Planks and Crunches are (almost always) a waste of time

Act Like a Kid Part 5 of 6: Jumping rope for great cardio and coordination

Why Your Gym Needs a Blog

Rx-ercise: A Prescription Better Than Medicine?

Act Like a Kid Part 4 of 6: Playing tag is not just for kids

Treadmill Safety

Why A Great Website Is Essential for Gyms

Act Like a Kid Part 3 of 6: Crawling for Total Body Strength

Email Marketing: 3 Tips For Success

Act Like a Kid Part 2 of 6: Monkey Bars & Upper Body Strength

No, cardio doesn’t make you fat.

Act Like a Kid Part 1 of 6: Benefits of Squatting

2015 Boston Marathon

15 Songs To Boost Your Spring Workout

Social Media eBook: Do's & Don'ts

IHRSA 2015: Plenty To Celebrate

Cybex Readies For IHRSA 2015

5 Tips to Not Give Up Exercise While Traveling

Battling Back to Triathlons with Cybex

Workouts For In Between Running Days

Strengthen Your Glutes

Prepare Your Body Before a Run

Strengthen Your Hamstrings on the Leg Curl

Have a Healthy Valentine's Day

Maintain Size and Strength in Your Shoulders

Exploring the Psoas for improved strength and mobility

Build Size & Strength in Your Shoulders

The 1% Incline: Simulating over-ground running?

From Fat To Fit On The Arc Trainer

Add Exercises To Your Core Routine

The Core is More than You Think: Using the back extension machine

15 Songs To Keep You Moving This January

Begin a Strength Training Program

5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #5 - Nurture Your Leads

Total Body, High Intensity Cardio Workout

5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #4 - Social Media

Lat Pulldowns and Upper Body Strength

A Workout To Maximize Your Total Body

5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #3 - Differentiate with Content

Improve Cardio and Develop Strength

5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #2 - Simplify & Target

Fitness Fads vs. Fitness Trends: What Will Drive the Industry in 2015?

8 Strength Training Exercises for Skiers

Develop Confidence In Key Weight Loss Movements

5 Marketing Tips for Gym Owners: Tip #1 - Inbound Marketing

5 Reasons to use the Treadmill

How to Train for a Marathon

A Workout to Increase Your Vertical Jump

Chest Presses for functionality and glamour

Workout Wednesday: Building Athletic Power Endurance

Cybex eBook: Social Media Tips For Marketing Success

Lose Weight, Sell More: One Man's View

Workout Wednesday: Prepare for Power Training

Losing 100 Pounds With The Arc Trainer: One Man's Journey

Workout Wednesday: Try the new Cybex Workout Center

6 tips to help you enjoy your workout when the weather gets chilly

Introducing the Cybex Digital Marketing Suite

Choosing the Right Machine to Burn Calories

Arc Trainer Ladder Challenge (40 minutes)

Do's and Don'ts for a Productive "Active Rest" Day - Part 3 of 3

November 2014 Workout Playlist: Old & New Gym Favorites

Get ready for the Turkey Trot

5 Fun Alternative Fall “Workouts”

Business Strategies for the Fitness Industry: Client Retention

Stressed about knee stress?

Cybex Takes Over Chicago

6 Signs You Need a Rest Day - Part 2 of 3

Burn off Halloween Candy with the Arc Trainer

Workout Wednesday: Arc Trainer Random Interval Challenge (30 minutes)

Machine Monday: Get the most out of your strength workouts with the Eagle NX app

Double-Dipping During a Cardio Workout

What is a rest day? - Part 1 of 3

Workout Wednesday: More fun with the Arc Trainer

Rev up your cardio intensity with Tabata-style routine

Triceps Presses: Because biceps shouldn’t get all the credit

Endless Abilities: A documentary on adaptive sport

An introduction to strength training

How to Motivate Your Clients to Work Out (Even When They Don't Want To)

Training for Your First Distance Race

5 tunes (and workouts) that make you move your feet

Pop quiz: Arc Trainer arm position

Spice up your antioxidant power

Is Gluten Free Bad For You?

Music is Proven to Help You Get Fit

6 effective ways to keep your membership motivated

Arc Trainer Ladder-Style Workout

Getting more out of your workouts with the Cybex Bravo app

3 Things Fit People do to Stay Fit

Machine Monday: Building a solid foundation through leg presses

Arc Trainer Intervals

How to Choose Better Nutrition at Summer Barbecues

Improve your running with these simple tips

Machine Monday: Standing Calf Raises- Not Just for Bodybuilders

#tbt Cybex style

Powerlifting champ talks strength, versatility and Cybex machines

Arc Trainer Baseline Workout

Arc Trainer Workout: Quick Start Fitness Program

3 Things Fitness Pros Can do to Combat Fitness Myths

5 ways to get a bikini body- and they’re not what you think!

Exercise Analysis #3: Plié squats

Working through an injury? See how Cybex may help you.

How the Arc Trainer helped John train for the Boston Marathon

Debunking the Myths on Treadmill Training

Infographic: The Importance of Strength Training

Exercise Analysis #2: Ball Squats vs. Traditional Squats




Can Attire Impact Performance?

Training to Train vs. Training to Compete

High Intensity Interval Training and the Arc Trainer

Ask the Expert: How to use the Arc to shape your glutes and bottom



Give Your Clients' Goals a GPS

How the Common Cold affects Fitness, Speed and Focus


Can a 7 Minute Workout App Get the Job Done?

How to motivate your members to stay on track with their fitness goals!

Exercise Analysis #1 - Squats: Should you push through the heels?

Arm Use and Posture on Cross Trainers Effect Calories Burned

Machine Monday: Cybex Eagle Abdominal

Machine Monday: Cybex Eagle Abduction/Adduction

Machine Monday: Cybex Eagle Lat Pulldown Works More Than Your Lats

Heart Healthy Exercises To Do Everyday

Machine Monday: The Cybex Eagle Leg Press

Marathon Dreams: How to Make Your Marathon Aspirations a Reality



A balanced approach: How varying exercise intensity influences weight loss

Top 10 Tips for Becoming a Natural at Selling Health Club Memberships

What the Kale? Why this green veggie is IMHO your new BFF

Running Outside Your Comfort Zone: Running ultra-marathons and staying healthy

Best Practices for Exercise Warm-Ups and Cool-Downs

The Core on Bravo Series: Plank with Bar (Single Cable Connection)

Baby on Board: Fitness Needs for Expecting Mothers

The Core on Bravo Series: Semi-Squatting Reciprocal Punch

The Core on Bravo Series: Standing Abdominal Crunch with Handles

Safe and Effective Workout Tips for Seniors

The Core on Bravo Series: Plank with Bar (Single Leg Stance)

Five Tips to Fight the 'Freshman 15'

The perfect summer slim-down diet: Q&A with Lynda Lippin and Barbara Karafokas

Active middle-aged adults may avoid chronic disease later in life

Study Links Intensive Exercise to Diabetes Remission

Transforming Outlook Crucial For Successful Weight Loss

Five Tips for Getting Motivated at the Gym

What are Five Great Advantages of Regular Physical Activity?

CRI Research Review: Treadmill Training

Federal action in responding to children's health at schools

Dr. Paul Juris of Cybex Sheds New Light on Crossfit Training

Filling in the Gaps: Finding Your Weaknesses (Part I)

CRI Research Review: Training for Muscle Strength vs. Size

CRI Research Review: Whatt is a watt?

Are sleepless nights the real reason why you can't say no to junk food?

PGA Supports US Military Troops and Families

Keeping Triglycerides Low with Light Exercise

First Impressions: Speed Dating Tips for the CPT During an Assessment

Overcome Depression Through Better Health and Exercise!

3 Secrets for Increasing Calorie Burn During the Week

The Core on Bravo Series: Lateral Plank with Handle

New Mobile App Helps Gym Owners Manage Their Businesses

Tips For Hiring a Personal Trainer

Kick your workout into gear with these spring training tips

CPTs: Is This Your ‘Job’ or Your ‘Career?’

Super Foods That Boost a Fitness Plan

Want to build muscle and burn fat? Consider these healthy diet plan tips.

Eating Healthy on a Budget? Don’t Go Against the Grain!

Getting weight loss results with mobile apps

Truth on Fitness: Are We Mystified by the Core? Part III

Red Foods Fight Heart Disease

What’s On My Plate?

Supplement Your Cybex Workouts With Yoga

Is there one correct way to run to prevent injury?

Preventing young people from going to extremes at the gym

High fructose consumption linked to overeating

Curb Cravings to Control Your Weight

Establishing the links between obesity and chronic health problems

Exercise Early (and Hungry) For Faster Fat Loss

“Winners” of the (Unhealthily) Extreme Eating Awards

Healthy Living: Forget About That Morning Toast

“Thinspiration” to Tweak Your Diet and Attain Your Ideal Weight

You Snooze, You Lose (Weight)

Don’t Even Think About Exercising! Tips for a Fitness Routine

Keep Cocktail Calories Under Control

Truth on Fitness: Are We Mystified by the Core? Part II

Lose Your Ego and Gain a Better Workout

Exercise Essentials: 5 Principles of Effective Training Programs

Snack Yourself Slim


Strategies to Get Out of a Workout Rut

The Core on Bravo Series: Reverse Plank

Banish Post-Binge Bloat

5 Simple Strategies for a Sane Thanksgiving

Flex Muscles to Fight Food Cravings

From Feet to Hair: The Post Pregnancy Body

Combating the ‘Sandy Five’: Post Hurricane Diet Clean-Up

November is American Diabetes Month

Six Strategies For Sane Eating Habits


The Core on Bravo Series: Plank with Bar

Florida Tech Gets FIT With Cybex

Cybex Proudly Supports Breast Cancer Research with Pink Ribbon Run


Truth on Fitness: Are We Mystified by the Core?

Weight Loss Psychology: Seek Satisfaction, Get Thin

Fighting the Beer Belly During Oktoberfest

The White Way to Eat for Better Nutrition

The Complete Guide to Interval Training by Greatist

Best Energy Bars For Your Workout

Women's Strength Training Tips

Too Fat to Fight?

Women’s Health & Fitness

Study: By 2030 half in United States will be obese.

Cybex Resources for Healthy Aging Month

Watch Your Wheat and Whittle Your Weight

5 Easy Steps to Better Food Choices


5 Tips to Fight the ‘Freshman 15’


Stay Slim and Still Eat Saturated Fat? What a Yolk!

Fitness Trends and How to Spot Them

Functional Training: A Balanced Approach

Moves Like Jagger

Truth on Fitness: Must Strength Exercises be Specific to be Effective?

Don’t Let A “Health Halo” Bedevil Your Diet

Avoiding the "Skinny Fat" Phenomenon

Don't Ditch Dairy

How to use Social Media in your Health Club

Exercise Cookout Caution This Summer [WELLNESS]

4 Dairy-Free Milk Alternatives (Coconut, Rice, Almond, Soy)

[Weird But It Works Weight Control Tip] — Practice Cereal Monogamy

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: The Top 5 Programs

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Getting Started

Don't Let Roadtrips Trip-Up Your Diet [Trip Tips]



Work Out With Woody [INSPIRATION]

BREAKING NEWS: Bloomberg Proposes Sugary Soda Ban

FOOD ALLERGY AWARENESS: eat safe, kiss with care and learn the facts

Celebrate Daily: Workout Like a warrior

Don’t Rush to Barefoot Running

Keep it in Check! 4 Great Tips to keep your Blood Sugar in line.


GLUTEN-FREE: Is it right for you? [AISLE IQ]


Getting older? Try acting your age!

Exercise Takes Shape [INNO-VENTIONS]

How Much Does That “Value Meal” REALLY Cost?

Bike your Way To Better Health [GEAR CHECK]

Turn Your Hunger Games from The Crying Game to Positive Mind Games

5 Tips To Guarantee You Get Exercise EVERY DAY


Should you invest in Sales Training for your Health Club Staff?

No Tire to Lose




Exercise Your Music Options [PULSE CHECK]

H2-Uh-Oh. (Happy World Water Day!)

Move Your Fitness Forward: 5 Essential Posts

Just Tell Them the Price!

Speed-Read: Top Stories in Fitness & Health (3/12)

Active Listening Builds Friends


NEW! Cybex Speed-Reads

Behaviors of the Best Health Club Salespeople

Improving Speed and Vertical Jump

Recommendations for Maintaining Your Diets in 2012

A Fitness Club Marketing Plan for 2012

Hit Your Goals & Enjoy a Reward!

Marathon Cross Training on the Arc Trainer

Truth on Fitness: Insights on Barefoot Running

CYBEX ambassador Paddy Cunningham re-visits the Biggest Loser

Cybex Research Institute's 5 Recommendations for Proper Exercise

3 Set Up Tips to Improve Your Bravo Experience

3 Training Tips to Evolve Your Bravo Workout

8 Tips to Take Advantage of the New Year

How to Break Through Fitness Plateaus

A Simple Tool to Eliminate Excessive Holiday Eating

Truth on Fitness: Should Women Run?

5 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Functional Capacity

Does Your Club Have Sales Apathy?

How to Save Your Waist and Wallet at the Same Time

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: High Intensity Interval Training

How to Utilize the Bravo Workout Guide App

Losing Weight: Slower Is Better

Strength Training for Weight Loss

Bravo 101: Postural Pairing

8 Ways to Manage Portions Sizes to Whittle Your Waistline

Tips for Training Sales Staff

Ambassador Paddy Cunningham joins Cybex team at LIW 2011

Bravo 101: Research

Bravo 101: Partially Stabilized Chest Press

Fischer Sports Partners with Cybex

7 Tips for Staying Hydrated

Bravo 101: Free Standing Chest Press

The Arc Trainer Enlists for Duty

CYBEX awarded £318k tender as part of Telford and Wrekin Borough Towns Initiative

CYBEX launches Arc Trainer promotion

CYBEX delighted with another fantastic year at Leisure Industry Week

CYBEX regional sales manager wins national fitness competition

Truth on Fitness: Functional Training

Bravo 101: Fully Stabilized Chest Press

Building the Foundation For an Efficient Golf Swing

Bravo 101: Adjustable Pulleys

Six Tips to Improving Your Club's Incoming Calls

Introducing the Bravo Functional Training System

The latest update from Cybex ambassador Paddy Cunningham

Enter the Pink Ribbon Run Video Contest!

The Pink Ribbon Run Shines at the New Haven Open at Yale

Manufacturing Excellence – Modern Factory

Why Diets (Sometimes) Fail

10 Foods to Help You Sleep (And Recuperate From Exercise)

The Effects of Strength Training on Women

9 Ways to Avoid Germs at the Gym

Seven Steps to a Great Hire For Your Fitness Club

How to Target Muscle Groups With the Eagle Leg Press

5 Ways to Optimize Your Hotel Fitness Center

Craving Culprits

Is Your Sleep Affecting Your Weight?

CYBEX enhances fitness equipment portfolio at training facility for Sale Sharks

Cybex ambassador Paddy Cunningham takes ownership of own Arc Trainer

Cybex Showcases Innovative and Varied Training Methods in Latest Seminar

CYBEX Install at Leading London Health and Fitness Clinic

Meet Paddy Cunningham - Cybex's new Ambassador.

Spotlight: Andi Guthrie

Don’t Let Dieting Be Your “Arc” Enemy

Truth on Fitness: Does Runner's Knee Only Affect Runners?

Balancing Your Calorie “Checkbook”

Happy Fourth of July!

Do You Want Fries With That?!

6 Tips To Get Swimsuit-Ready For Summer

ARC TRAINER EXERCISE SERIES: Interview with an Athlete [Part 2]

4 Tips To Keep Your Energy Level and Metabolism High

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Interview with an Athlete [Part 1]

The Link Between Being Stuck and Losing Weight

Operation: Arc Trainer!

Pre-Opening Checklist to Keep Members Checking In

Fight and Never Lose Faith

What Goes into the Design of CYBEX Equipment?

3 Tips to Get Your 2011 Weight-Loss Goals Back on Track

Patrick House Launching The Biggest Loser Arc in New York

If You Tweet While You Eat, Your Meal Will Feel Incomplete

Top 10 Design Elements to Make Your Fitness Center 5 Star

Those That Are and Those That Could Be.


Post Workout Fuel for Maintaining Muscle

The Truth on Fitness: Do I Have to Keep My Knee Behind My Toe?

Seven Salvagers of The Lost Arc

It's Always about the Money….and You!

Small Decisions...Big Achievements

Why Use the Leg Press in the Gym?

It’s always about the money……..and how to get it.

Why Does the Arc Trainer Burn More Calories?

Food Labels: How to Spot Hidden Sugars

Don't Just Spin Your Wheels...Get the Most out of Your Bike Workout!

Power Training for Sports Performance and Daily Living

No Free Lunch

Staying Fit...Just like Riding a Bike!

What is Power?

Health Clubs: Getting the Most for Your Money

Stabilized Training for Building Muscle

My Secret Weapon: CYBEX Arc Trainer

CYBEX Fitness Ambassador

How is the Arc Trainer Different from an Elliptical?

Develop Power to Prevent Falls

That’s A Latte Calories—Expanded Edition!

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Improving Strength

Lat Pulldowns: Wide Grip for a Wide Back…Fact or Fiction?

5 Nutrition Tips for Your Arc Trainer or Treadmill Workout

Top Tio Träningsprogram för Arc Trainer # 6: Öka styrka

Top Tien Trainingsprogramma’s voor de Boogtrainer #6: Sterker Worden

De Waarheid over Fitness: Kracht = Cardio

La verdad sobre el fitness: musculación = cardio

High Satiety — Part 2

The Truth on Fitness: Should I Wobble While I’m Exercising?

Total 2,221 Pounds Lost!

Sanningen om Fitness: Styrka = Kardio

Does Focus of Attention Influence Performance Outcomes?

Marketing Tactics For a Healthier Diet

The Truth on Fitness: Strength = Cardio

Burn 16% more calories...just do this!

Boston loved Brendan!

Is Your Desk Job Making You Fat?

The Truth on Fitness: Leg Extensions

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Off-Day Cross Training

The Dissection of Thanksgiving

Best Fast Food Post-Workout Snacks Under 200 Calories

Cybex Arc Trainer – Cardiovascular Strength Endurance Training

Metabolic Disorders: the 2011 diet fad?

Stress Management

Motivate Your Metabolism With Muscle

In Good Company

Celebrities Turn Out for the CYBEX Pink Ribbon Run!

Sports Performance Centers & Elements of Sports Fitness

Reducing your risk of breast cancer.

My $20 Piece of Premium Fitness “Equipment”

What is your risk of getting breast cancer?

Fitness in Hotels – Tips to Developing the Best In-House Fitness Centre

50 (Well, maybe 20) Ways to Leave Your Love Handles

Breast Cancer – Early Detection Works

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Circuit Training

Die Fakten der Fitness: Kraft = Herzkreislauf

Los diez mejores programas de entrenamiento para el Arc Trainer nº.6: Mejorar la fuerza

Survival of the Fittest

Pleased To Meet You, Hope You Guess My Name

Let's Get our Kids Moving!

Less Fat, More Muscle

Physical Fitness for Employees Means Fiscal Fitness for your Company

If The Shoe Fits

Platz 6 für den Arc Trainer der Top Ten der Trainingsprogramme: Kraftaufbau

Why You DO Have Time For Fitness!

Why “Happy Meals” Make Me Sad

That’s A Latte Calories

Spice Up Your Workouts With Ginger

Guidance and Resources for Exercising with Diabetes

Striving To Stay Below Average

Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia or Flax For Fitness

Get on that Cybex Arc Trainer

What a start.

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: Heart Rate Recovery

Reasons to Warm Up for Exercise

Benefits of Arc Trainer Handle Positions

High Satiety

Ten Tips to Make Time for Exercise

Doing Well by Doing Good - Cause Marketing

Nature's Sports Drink - Fuel your Fitness with Coconut Water

Pay It Forward

Do Well by Doing Good: Help CYBEX Support Breast Cancer Research

Strength and Power Training on the CYBEX Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: General Fitness

How CYBEX Responds to Changes in Exercise Trends

The Biggest Loser and CYBEX Premiere September 21

Golf Fitness - Finding Your Form at the Start of the Season

Short, Power Intervals on the Cybex Arc Trainer

Arc Trainer Exercise Series: 10 Powerful Arc Trainer Programs

CYBEX Biggest Loser Exercise Training Tips

CYBEX Arc Trainer Challenge 1

All About Abs – Excercise Training Tips for Ab and Core Strength

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