Member Retention Mistake #10: Impersonal Skills

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The importance of communication cannot be overstated; it is vital to a fitness center’s success. However, many gyms fail to deliver on the simple yet essential act of interacting with their members.

The vast majority of members like it when the staff speaks with them. Yet in a recent study, less than half of members reported that staff spoke to them during their last visit.

But wait, it gets worse…

The failure to communicate can start with the moment members enter your fitness center – at the reception desk. Overall, 22% of members say reception staff always speaks to them…but 35% say they’re never spoken to. And that’s a problem.

And guess who’s least likely to be spoken to by reception? You guessed it: young and new members. That can be a killer for retention. Members who are never spoken to are nearly three times more likely to cancel their memberships than those who are always spoken to.

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